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I am sure that each and every one of us can say that during our lifetime, whether it was in our family life, academic life or work life, that there was this few people who stood out as the giants in their community. I was in the lucky position to have in both my academic life and career one of these giants as a mentor and friend. If you talk about knowledge management and competitive intelligence in South Africa the name Adeline du Toit immediately sprung to the fore.

Recently Adeline decided to retire at the end of May, and for this reason we as a Knowledge Management community would like to honour her for a life-long contribution to our subject area.

Being the difference you want to see

At the end of the 2015 SA KM, Dr Herman van Niekerk challenged us to come back this year with different conversations. Conversations that are not based on challenges but focused on solutions. In order to “be the difference” you want to see, one ought to look deeper than before. Knowledge Management has come a long way since the 90’s with many lessons learnt and now the time has come to apply those lessons as we move forward.

During my time as a KM practitioner (which I’m still enjoying since 1999), I found myself having to fight for recognition and attention.

Check-in with Katrina Pugh

Earlier today we had a Skype check-in with Katrina Pugh, Mel Sutton and Amy Cipolat. Katrina will be joining the Summit via Skype from Columbia University for her keynote – Four Discussion Disciplines to Drive Effective Online Collaboration. Mel and Amy will be the